Nordic Olympiad in Informatics 2021

The Nordic Olypmiad in Informatics (NOI) is a programming competition much like the Baltic Olympiad in Informatics (BOI) and International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). High school students from the Noridc countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden can participate in the competition.


The three tasks selected for NOI 2021 where Pearls (from Denmark), The Elk (from Norway) and Amazing Whispers (from Norway).


There were 66 students that participated in NOI 2021. In the end three of them managed to secure a full score. The final scores of all participants is shown in the table below.

1Henrik AaltoFinland100.0100.0100.0300.0Gold
1Magnus Hokland HegdahlNorway100.0100.0100.0300.0Gold
1Jakob AlwallSweden100.0100.0100.0300.0Gold
4Victor VatnSweden100.0100.053.0253.0Gold
5Elias LolckDenmark100.0100.034.0234.0Gold
5Herman LauensteinSweden100.0100.034.0234.0Gold
7Abdullah ZaghmoutSweden100.0100.00.0200.0Silver
7Andreas AlbergNorway100.0100.00.0200.0Silver
9Olle LapidusSweden100.060.034.0194.0Silver
10Into AlmialaFinland100.020.034.0154.0Silver
11Leo VarisFinland100.020.016.0136.0Silver
11Juho Tapani RöysköFinland100.020.016.0136.0Silver
13Alexander WahlstenSweden100.00.034.0134.0Silver
14Edith Bille GørtzDenmark13.0100.016.0129.0Silver
15Thor EriksenDenmark100.020.00.0120.0Silver
15Magnus Eide-FredriksenNorway100.020.00.0120.0Silver
17Jonas Elvedal HoleNorway100.00.016.0116.0Silver
18Joshua AnderssonSweden100.00.00.0100.0Bronze
18Mathias Harkestad BæverfjordNorway0.0100.00.0100.0Bronze
18Juho AralaFinland100.00.00.0100.0Bronze
21Ludvig SandhSweden16.
22Sergey IchtchenkoFinland29.
23Aron StålmarckSweden16.
24Fredrik AhlbergSweden29.
24Malte RosenkildeDenmark29.
26Nils OlssonSweden16.
27Simon Lykke AndersenDenmark29.
28Gustav Bille GørtzDenmark20.
29Anni TapionlinnaFinland35.
30Frederik Hede-AndersenDenmark16.
30Frej Alexander NielsenDenmark16.
32Nicolai RobinsonDenmark29.
33Kristian FeedNorway20.
34Odin HufnaglSweden16.
34Christian MattssonSweden16.
34Thomas Brene JepsenDenmark16.
34Ivan Hansgaard HansenDenmark16.
34Victoria ThøgersenDenmark16.
34Embla Rindel PeulickeDenmark16.
34Lin Bigom-EriksenDenmark16.
34Benjamin HiltonDenmark16.
34Poul Egdal HemplerDenmark16.
34Adrian Dobbe FlemmenNorway16.
34Wilmer ZetterqvistSweden16.
34Georgy FominNorway16.
34Sahil KaregaonkarNorway16.
34David Bull HaugsøenNorway16.
34Leonora ThøgersenDenmark16.
49Eskil NybergSweden0.
49Eero SallaFinland0.
49Ivar ÄngquistSweden0.
49Axel SvendsenSweden0.
49Valtteri AurelaFinland0.
49Marius SchlichtkrullDenmark0.
49Oliver RudenNorway0.
49William Malte JensenDenmark0.
49Anton MagnussonSweden0.
49Karoline OlsenNorway0.
49Maxim ScherbakovNorway0.
49Christoffer Grøndal TryggestadNorway0.
49Viktor MyrlandNorway0.
49Arthur BrunborgNorway0.
49Mina HeierNorway0.
49Noah Hessen BjerkeNorway0.
49Oscar QvarfordSweden0.
49Eric BjörndalSweden0.

Practical information

NOI 2021 will take place Wendesday, March 24, 2021, from 15:00 to 20:00 (CET).

The competition will be held online and a link to the contest system with login information will be sent out to all registered participants before the competition starts.


Registration will close March 24, 2021, 00:00 (CET)

You can register for NOI 2021 here. If you are not eligble to participate you can still register for "Open participation", but in this case you will not recieve any medals.


The following are the rules of the competition, they are subject to change until competition start:

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